About Me

I currently work as a Psychotherapist , where I am engaged in all aspects of the Clinical Programmes. This involves working therapeutically with adult survivors of child sexual abuse as part of our General Programme and multi-faceted therapeutic interventions for individuals supporting a loved one who was sexually abused in childhood as part of our Family Support Programme.

I also work closely with my colleagues in delivering  a therapeutic treatment intervention programme supporting individuals who have sexually harmed children. This includes working with their families as part of our Significant Individual programme.

The organisation’s approach is client- centred and systemic and holds child protection, multi-agency collaboration and risk management at its core. This ethos chimes perfectly with my personal and clinical beliefs.

Prior to this I worked at The CARI Foundation, engaging with children and families who experienced and are impacted by child sexual abuse. As such, I have had the unique opportunity of experiencing both the immediate and long term impact of sexual abuse on children, families and adults.

These roles have created and sustained an unwavering awe at the primary and vicarious impacts of trauma on individuals and systems which inspires my work as both a clinician and an artist.

I was awarded my MSc in Art Psychotherapy by Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh in 2006 and have been working clinically since then as both an art therapist and psychotherapist.

I am state registered as an art therapist with The British Association of Art Therapists,The Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists and The Health and Care Professionals Council in Britain and abide by their codes of ethics.


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